master baiter funny fishing t-shirt

Master Baiter fishing t-shirt

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Master Baiter fishing t-shirt

Fishing Master Baiter t-shirt

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Quality 100% cotton t. shirt, comes in green with master baiter logo on,

these come in size small through to xxl,

great accessory for anyone’s wardrobe.

Fabric 100% cotton

Weight 185 gsm

Size Chest (to fit) S – 34/36″, M – 38/40″, L – 42/44″, XL – 46/48″, XXL 50+

Fishing bait is any substance used to attract and catch fish, e.g. on the end of a fishing hook, or inside a fish trap. Traditionally, nightcrawlers, insects, and smaller bait fish have been used for this purpose. Fishermen have also begun using plastic bait and, more recently, electronic lures, to attract fish.

Studies show that natural baits like croaker and shrimp are more recognized by the fish and are more readily accepted.[1] Which of the various techniques a fisher may choose is dictated mainly by the target species and by its habitat. Bait can be separated into two main categories: artificial baits and natural baits.


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